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I agree almost completely. I feel like the Tigers have a very good team that can best be improved by upgrading defensively at SS, 3B, and 1B. Because Miggy and Prince's bats dictate their defensive positions will not change, SS makes the most sense as an avenue for upgrading to a younger and more defensive player. I think the OF is in a good place with only a platoon partner for Dirks a need at this point.

I'm also against the pursuit of an expensive power bat at every position. I think that defense is underrated in this forum (even if it is overrated in the main forum) and OBP is as valuable as SLG (I always wished Ricky Henderson was a Tiger) and would love to see more team speed.

I would love more balance between the present and the future. I think the Prince signing will haunt this team a few years.

All in all, we're generally pulling in the same direction.

New ownership might not spend nearly the money Mr. I has spent to try winning. If and god forbid it happens he should pass before JV's contract is up we can just about kiss him goodbye.