Another, a bit more intriguing inquiry, came from Troy Glaus. Retired after the 2010 season, Glaus is actually still younger than A-Rod by one year. Glaus, who hit 320 home runs in his 13-year career (and 7 more in the 2002 postseason, named World Series MVP for the Angels), reached out to the Yankees and expressed an interest in coming back if the team was interested.

The downside was that he hadn’t played in two years, but the upside was his banged up body felt much better after not playing in two years. If the Yankees did have interest in Glaus, it likely would not have led to anything more than a spring training invite, but the Youkilis move made it a moot point. The Yankees need now is for a more complimentary bench piece, as I mentioned above.
Interesting. I wonder if they wind up kicking the tires now that he is healthy.