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    Excuse me Mr. Love

    Now, last season the Wolves were above .500 when Rubio went down and I believe afterwards they went 5 - 20 afterwards. So the team was going in the right direction prior to the injury.

    How much time have you missed due to injury yourself?

    You state you want to have something in common with those other all-stars when talking about playoff experience but those players don't usually miss a lot of time of the court when fighting for a playoff berth.

    What's with the 3-4 pump fakes just to pass it off at the three spot instead of getting better post position or driving?

    Now you've hit some huge shots and can definitely bring a lot to the table but don't get ahead of yourself as it takes time. Even in a loss against the Packers or Bears recently, where Adrian Peterson was the only asset the Vikings had he still focused on what he could have done better to help. Now if there were a player who could complain....there you go.

    So instead of ":cry:they didn't say I was "the guy":cry:" go out there and prove that you can lead this team. Fans can see the truth and that would be a reason why you would get heckled by your home crowd (I don't think I would do it but I understand).

    I remember when you were compared to David Lee for a while and focused on rebounding and passing. I was glad you added more scoring but did you have to add excessive complaining both to the media and to the refs?

    The team is actually looking great because of great TEAM play (I am in love with what A.K., Pek, and Shved are doing...not to say Ridnour or JJ suck) so instead of alienating yourself....join the party.
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