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Thread: Stand Up Comedy

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    Dec 2012
    Central Ohio
    Eddie Murphy Raw and Delirious are classics

    also loved Steven Wright and Jake Johanson

    Chappelle can do no wrong in my book

    also love Ron White

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    Jun 2007
    Forgot about Jim Gaffigan

    Our QB > Yours

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    Aug 2008
    jim gaffigan
    30 Team Stadium Checklist: 10 to go

    1) Yankees 2) Orioles 3) Rays 4) Red Sox 5) Mets 6) Braves 7) Phillies 8) Nationals 9) Marlins 10) Pirates 11) Padres 12) Astros 13) Mariners 14) Twins 15) Cubs 16) White Sox 17) Cardinals 18) Indians 19) Tigers 20) Royals 21) Reds

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    Jan 2008
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    Quote Originally Posted by SenorGato View Post
    Just watched Bill Burr's "You People Are All the Same" and it was hilarious so I figured I would start a stand up thread here.

    Favorite bit in recent memory:

    Should have started a thread on the 11/28 for Patrice O'Neal, one of the funniest comedians ever that most people just have never heard of. That football joke and his bit about missing white women in Elephant in the Room are two of the funniest things you'll hear from any comedian out there.
    Quote Originally Posted by netsgiantsyanks View Post
    killing them softly
    for what it's worth
    elephant in the room(haven't laughed the way i laughed at that in the longest).
    Elephant in the room is the best stand up ive ever watched. so ****ing funny

    John Mulaney is good too

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    Oct 2006
    The lack of Paul F Tompkins in this thread makes me sad.

    Eddie Izzard, Kyle Kinane, Jimmy Pardo, Patton Oswalt...

    If you believe comedy is an art form, do yourself a favor and find Tig Notaro's Live (as in "I want to live forever," not "live from Madison Square Garden") CD. It's like 30 or 45 minutes, but it's a set she did literally days after finding out she had cancer in both breasts. It's one of the single most amazing stand-up sets I've ever seen.

    In the course of like three months, she got pneumonia that turned into something called C-def that took all the good bacteria from her digestive tract, so she had to spend a bunch of time in the hospital and lost a bunch of weight, right after that her mom died suddenly after falling and hitting her head on the corner of a table, and then right after that she was diagnosed with cancer. And she is able to go up and be funny about all of it! It really is amazing stuff. I can't recommend it highly enough.

    "There's no better public education than teaching kids that they should have been born to a parent who could afford their cancer treatments." - @LOLGOP

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    Dec 2006
    Jive, Turkey
    Louis CK
    Bill Burr
    Chris Rock

    Are the funniest guys working now.

    New guy on the scene is Colin Kane. Saw him in chicago a few weeks back. He will be the next big thing, imo.

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    Ian. Guest
    Oh man I totally whiffed on Paul F. Thompkins. Huge fan.

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    Dec 2007
    Funniest ones I've seen are:

    Jim Gaffigan: Beyond the Pale
    Brian Regan: I Walked on the Moon
    Bill Burr: Let it Go

    Katt Williams: Pretty much all of it.

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    May 2012
    Lady comics:

    Maria Bamford is hilarious
    Rich Vos' wife Bonnie McFarlane is funny
    Marina Franklin is an up and comer.

    There's way more than I thought...Leggero...Judy Gould...LAURA KIGHTLINGER is one of my favorites...Morgan Murphy...Chelsea Peretti...Amy Schumer...

    Paul F. Thompkins is pretty funny.

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    May 2012
    Oh and I was bored of Russell Peters until he started going on Opie and Anthony a few times and held his own.

    Jim Florentine is really funny to me as well...The voice is just naturally funny.

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    May 2012
    Anyone ever heard of Iliza Schlesinger? I almost want to find her funny, but she works so hard to paint herself as awkward when she's *really* hot that it just doesn't work for me. Her handjob joke was teeeerrrible.

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    Dec 2008
    Where the smog meets the shore
    There's George Carlin....and there's everybody else.

    No comedian could command a stage like him and go 1 hour without a second of silence; all content. He attacked the crowd. Start with something topical/political, then go into a bit on fart jokes, then a few minutes of "why is it" type stuff, cap it off with a finale that makes you laugh and think deeply.


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    Feb 2009
    Toronto ON, Canada
    Not even one mention of Ricky Gervais?

    Man is ****ing hilarious!!!

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    Feb 2012

    Stand Up Comedy

    Kevin hart - seriously funny, laugh at my pain

    Both were good

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    Apr 2011
    john mulaney's new in town is one of my favorite of all time and its not awkward to watch with the family
    POP! POP!

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