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Thread: Jays/Cubs

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    Sep 2006


    Jays trade:

    MLB RF Ed Vance
    MLB CF Lao-sheng Zho
    2037 first round DP (originally Mets)

    Cubs trade:

    MLB CF Mickey Mouse

    I accept. Vance/Zhao are effectively cash savings for me, which is why you don't see Zach trading any cash. Bottom line is Mouse is a fantastic hitter and I can afford him. Zach saves a ton of money and has so much OF depth.

    Thanks & GL to the Cubs.

    Vic Mackey: You better figure out how much you hate me. And how you're going to deal with that. 'Cause I'm not going anywhere.

    This sums up every sports interview, ever.

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    Feb 2004
    I got Mouse for free, picked up a 50+ VORP season from him and I'm moving him for a first rounder. Vance and Zhao will compete for a spot in my outfield. Cubs accept.

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