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    Quote Originally Posted by Jumba View Post
    Paul is one of our only bigs that knows how to pass. Our interior would be passing to Al and watch him decide what he wants to do for 5 seconds, then he either drives or takes a jump shot. Dude doesnt know how to pass on a cut, and if he does, I think he does on a mistake.
    I have noted this as being the reason Paul and Marvin having a hard time doing their jobs. How can you be a "stockton to malone", when you have AL in the paint wanting the ball more than wanting to get your rebound(which is the opposite of what tradtional C's do for Jazz Ball). You see this on the defensive side, where we are in the bottom of the league in Defensive rebounds(and defensive eff.) even though we have a "big team".

    I think Paul has a hard time getting to the basket because Al doesn't make room sometimes. I think Paul has been getting most his points on Fast Break points cause he only gets few good looks for jump shots, and has to run hard into the paint to make the better shots while the defense is set.

    Marvin is just not getting enough shots to justify his continued shooting on the 3pt. Like I have said before, they hit that panic button way to early. If Marv goes 1/5, so what, I would pull a guy out if he can't hit his averages by 10 attempts, which should be 3-4 makes from all our 3pt shooters including Tinsley.

    If they leave Marvin in long enough and let him get enough shots he will have more of those hot nights...same with Foye and Tinsley. Why care for .400 if you don't make 10 points a night minimum. If I was coach/PG leader, I would make sure each Foye and Marvin get five-ten attempts per half(if so they should be making 10-20pt's a night. And Tinsley/Watson this goes for them to, the defenders can defend easier if your PG isn't shooting or running in the paint to draw defenders(who go for the rebound, thats when you toss it back out).
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