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    Quote Originally Posted by AnthonyTyrael View Post

    ...the Mavericks, whose losing streak is their longest since January of their championship season in 2010-11.
    Coincidence? I think not. This talentless team of misfits will go 36 and 5 in the second half of the season and be the hot team heading into the playoffs..

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    I wouldn't call them talentless.

    We're not. I don't think it's our mindset either. Last game we did rebound, we did run fast breaks, we fought... we're just shooting badly as ateam. Most guys are inconsistent.

    Dirk's no factor but that's clear, but still disappointing if you see how others stars usually come back from injuries. Mayo is a none factor too these days. Brand is doing better and better. Kaman is fine but should still improve. Collison is back but used to be inconsistent. Crowder is rookie with ups and downs.

    Defense could be much better. The way our offense is run is worse. We're not a team right now and I wonder why. Too much unsettledness but why?

    Wright wasn't playing much again and again I wonder why.

    Also all these different starting lineups so far don't help regardless of injuries.

    Now coach talking stuff about suspensions.. I don't get what he's doing anymore. If he's right, it's his fault, if he's wrong then what's he talking about? So whom is he doing a favor by saying and doing what he does right now? I wonder.

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    this team could be much better right now but maybe it will happen now!
    I have finally something to say

    I will be a Mav 4 Life !!!

    Andrew Graham:
    "Dallas not a playoff team?? Dirk, Dwight and 13 Adam Morrisons would make the playoffs. "

    RUN DMC Baby

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