David Wilson has been doing backflips since he was three years old, but he won’t be doing any more of them on the football field.

On Friday, the Giants rookie retired his exciting touchdown celebration, announcing on ESPN that he will no longer do a backflip after he scores. He scored three touchdowns last Sunday against New Orleans, but each backflip made his teammates – and GM Jerry Reese cringe.

Wilson insisted all week that he could easily do the flip. But with the Giants already down two tailbacks – Ahmad Bradshaw will not travel to Atlanta because of a sprained knee, and Andre Brown is done for the season with a broken leg – Wilson said he understands his team’s concerns.

“I think it’s for the team’s best interests,” he said. “I don’t want to make anyone upset or nervous or scared. I want to do something that people enjoy rather than worry about.”

So what will Wilson do if he scores against the Falcons? He’s not quite sure, he said.

“First thing is just get in the end zone,” he said. “Maybe it will be spontaneous. The main thing is just get in the end zone first.

I know there was some differences in opinion regarding this, so, I thought I'd celebrate a small victory for those who, like myself - believed it needed to stop.