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Ah, the old "prove it" canard. When your argument lacks common sense, just ask your opponent to provide proof, as if any of us are insiders ourselves. Maybe that kind of cop-out BS flies in your treehouse, but it won't here. Take that nonsense elsewhere.

How convenient!

Oh, so you're one of the FO Warriors. Stepping in and making a taking bullets for Sandy and Co at every opportunity. Well, at least now I know why your going to such absurd lengths. Yeah, because a journalist risking his reputation and possibly his career to smear a departing pitcher for New York's second baseball team is so much more likely than one of the Mets front office guys spreading a little venom discretely. I mean, because the Mets FO never does that, right?
I guess when you know you are full of **** you start with the attacks.

Yes asking for facts and proof is a cop out argument. Because the logical and sane thing to do would be to act like a child and hate based off of assumptions and non facts.