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    trade for Peter Bourjouis?

    Since the Halos got Hamilton, Peter Bourjouis is most likely riding the bench again. The kid has very good speed and is a center fielder whom i believe would bring more to this roster than what we currently have. He is young and would be under team control and has said he just wants to play everyday. Since Nolasco doesn't want to be here, and lets face it, we are not going to do anything or even re-sign him, why not see if the Angels would trade Bourjouis for Nolasco. He would be a good 4th or 5th starter for them and it gives us a good possiblilty of our starting center fielder for the future. Any thoughts on why or why not?

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    I'd do Borjous and Cron for Nolasco and a RP if I were the fish.


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    Sounds like a good trade to me. I don't know if they would want Nolasco, but if a trade happen for a guy like Bourjos, then i'm sure they'd prob. want the Marlins to eat a portion of the 11.5m owed to him. They have the leverage right now with Nolasco not wanting to be here, and Bourjos being a pretty good trade asset.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MiamiBoy77 View Post
    I'd do Borjous and Cron for Nolasco and a RP if I were the fish.
    I'm sure you would but that is waaaaay to much for a guy like Nolasco who is just wasting money for the fish. (not that he is bad but 10mill is a lot for this ownership group to pay)

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