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He was definitely hurt in 2009. He wasn't hurt in 2010. He wasn't hurt in 2011. And 140 innings is close to being a full season for a minor leaguer. Scranton had just two guys pitch more than that last year.

From the article you cited:

He had pitched just 47 innings in 2009 and was at 140 innings in 2010 so they shut him down for the last month of the year.
I wouldn't trade Montero for a rookie pitcher even without the past history and bad mechanics. It's simply stupid. Young pitchers simply have a much higher percentage of burn out. Pineda was a ticking time bomb. He didn't even have a reliable third pitch!!

I still laugh over the fact that AA passed on Pineda to keep Lawrie, but Cashman bit with higher tier prospect. Cashman never ceases to unimpress me.