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    Quote Originally Posted by theslick1 View Post
    Pineda missed part of the 2009 season due to injury.

    He came back and pitched the entire 2010 season (11-4, 3.36 ERA in 25 starts) and his K/9 rate was identical to what it had been prior to injury.

    He pitched the entire 2011 season (9-10, 3.74 ERA in 28 starts). With the exception of 4 of those starts, he started every game on either 4 or 5 days rest. In September, they gave him 6 days rest twice and his last start of the season came on 10 days rest.
    In 2010 he was shut down against the '09 injury as a precaution at 140 innings (hardly a full season) (I especially liked the part about him having not one, but TWO stints to the disabled list in 09 referenced in that article).

    Nope.....nothing at all for any of you folks to see.....Brian Cashman had absolutely NO, read that zero, indication that Michael Pineda had any sort of prior physical ailment history. None.

    (slick.....since I like you.....let's just say that the face palm isn't so much directed at you as towards a few others and keep it at that)

    In post #102 you are trying to infer that he was never shut down and now you're admitting after two days of back and forth on this that he did indeed have an injury history going back to '09.

    Am I tripping on some reeaaalllllllyyyyyyyyyy good over the counter NyQuil or are you now trying to make my own supporting argument against you for me ??????????????????????????????

    Quote Originally Posted by TrueYankee View Post
    Preach boy preach
    Last edited by sauronthepower; 12-30-2012 at 03:23 AM.

    Any Questions?

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