So we see Hamilton get 5 years 125 million per, Anibel Sanchez gets 6/80 million, Greinke 6yr 147 million, BJ Upton 5/75, Napoli 3/39, Hunter 2/26, Victorino 3/39.

Frankly I'm happy we didn't bite at any one of them. Look I know this isn't George's team, but in baseball especially with the 189 million number, staying away from these guys is a blessing in disguise. Said another way I would be shocked if any of these players live up to their contracts.

Frankly I feel alot better about Pettite 1/12, Kuroda 1/15. Call me crazy but two pitching years for 2/27 versus Hunter for 2/26. Is there any doubt who got the better bargain. So the Yankees sign Ichiro 2/13. I believe Ichiro (who I think is built for Yankee Stadium) will give us better stats than Upton, Hunter or Victorino.

Look I know its odd to see the Yankees not go after free agents, but this is the right move. Getting under 189 million is a reset. Stay above and its like taking on 95 million (50% Luxury tax). Get below it and your at the 17% luxury tax level for a while. There is mor... once the Yankees achieve this they are free to spend again.

The other thing about this is that it makes sense on many levels. Frankly this free agent class does not impress me much. But every year is a year closer to the end of A-rod's contract which is now an absolute killer. While Tex and CC are performing, its at about 60-75% of what their contracts are worth. Average those three out and you have about 85 million performing at the level of what you would expect from about 40 million. Throw in Jeter's inflated legacy contract (although that contract is not looking all that bad as he had a solid 2011 campaign (specifically starting in June), and a MVP-7 2012) I would say Jeter earned about 85% of his contract which is fantastic on any free agent.

My point here is that sitting tight makes sense. Let us go year to year. Is there anyone out there we really want? Yankees have the ability to pay whatever and whenever, few teams have this. But there comes a time where this doesn't work. By being forced to stand pat the Yankees are clearing the way for being in a better position with free agents in the future.

In the mean time California baseball will see the same demise as the Baltimore Orioles in the late 90's. Isn't it ironic but its the penny wise Giants who are winning. So when you read that Hamilton fell off the Wagon (the guy has average only about 125 games played over the last 4 years) don't be surprised!