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View Poll Results: Should we alter our gun control policy?

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  • Yes, we need more strict gun laws

    77 53.10%
  • Yes, we need to ban guns entirely

    24 16.55%
  • Yes, we need deeper screenings of purchasers

    69 47.59%
  • Yes, we need to abide further by the Constitution

    11 7.59%
  • No, we need to eliminate gun control practices

    5 3.45%
  • No, the current policy is what the Constitution intends

    10 6.90%
  • No, the current policy as-is is fine

    17 11.72%
  • Other - explain

    4 2.76%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Dec 2006
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    I believe guns should be banned entirely. The exception being that you can rent guns for hunting as long as you have gone through significant screening. The constitution needs to be looked at in terms of its context. It was written well over two hundred years ago back when muskets were the main source of weaponry. Muskets are not nearly as powerful as modern day weapons and, the majority of the time, did not automatically result in the death of the victim.

    Furthermore, if you look at the period in which the US Assault Weapons Ban was still in effect, there is a significant correlation between the decrease in weaponry and the decrease in crime rate. Allowing loose gun control obviously has a negative effect on the crime rate, so it baffles me how we can still be having this discussion when the evidence has already been presented to us.
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