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    Finally! We can all stop talking about the great Justin Upton

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    I keep hearing this trade that would net us a couple of prospects for Porcello. I just can't see it happening. Ilitch wants to win now so why would he trade a player for prospects??? I would rather see him packaged with others to grab an all star or at least someone who can help us win this season. Id rather have Smyly or Porcello pitch bullpen instead of trading one for a shortstop prospect and a pitching prospect. It just doesn't seem like a move Ilitch or DD would do right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theoldgoalie View Post
    The numbers look pretty promising, Bob Nightengale is quoted as saying that Nick Ahmend is a "superb" defensive SS. The 2011 draft pick hit .269/.337/.391 with 40 steals in 130 games last season in High-A ball
    He also appears to have fairly decent plate discipline but given the fact that he has never played above A ball, how soon do you think the Tigers project him to be with the big club?

    Suarez has been making some pretty good headway in the minors and I am wondering of they may be trying to turn these two in the next middle infield for the Tigers. My guess is that Peralta and Infante aren't going anywhere in 2013, so if the trade is done, it would give the Tigers a full season or two to get the two used to each other.We could then see Castellanos, Ahmed and Suarez up here by around 2014-2015. Also, do you think the Tigers try to make this deal a little bit bigger and get us a right handed hitting LF out of this as well?

    Ahmed is Adam Everett. I'm not really interested in him, but I would probably trade him for Porcello if we can get something back also.

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    I have no issues whatsoever with filling our SS hole with a gold-glove caliber guy with no offense for the next 10 years, I just don't think we have to give up Porcello to get a guy like that, seems to be a lot of them out there.

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    Ahmed straight-up for Porcello was never a trade talk.

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