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Comes with the caveat of him being the primary focus on offense, however. It's nice production, but he's the main guy right now sans Jackson, as well.
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Vick's style was only short lived that year when he became starter. By the end of that season everybody had a pretty good plan on how to nuetralize Vick's dual-threat ability. I guess Nick Foles is a sitting duck looks like to me he has taken signifigantly less hits than a faster more mobile Michael Vick. I don't know where you see this run balance when MCoy went down, because i've only seen the eagles commit to the run 2 out of the last five games since MCoy went down, and I bet you this week against the giants will be no different the eagles will go pass wacky again as usual. The pocket passer era is not over don't get carried away. Yes Rogers is a mobile qb that is not anything new, and he has mde some really nice plays on the run, but don't get it twisted Rogers is a pocket passer. Rogers makes a majority of his plays from the pocket not on the run, and some pretty damn good one's at that.

not going to argue my points, check the games stats.

you're missing the point, how many passes has Foles thrown over 20 yards deep?
Our Pass offense is now Quick Short Passes meaning our receivers run underneath routes, slants so the ball is out before the pressure can get to the QB. this is what we should have been doing all year.

As for Vick; teams didn't take away his dual-threat ability, do your research and you would see where Marty made it known "it's good we are winning but he (vick) is still not playing our style, he has to stay in the pocket and protect himself." that tells me that Marty took away his dual-threat ability.

Anyways Andy and Marty is the problem with this team, pass happy offence is a thing of the pass, top defense are build to stop the pass now days. there are so many good pass rushers and cover CBs out there that you have to run the ball to keep the defense guessing. i watched a denver game and i was surprise how many times they called run in the 1st half, what that did was force the safeties to come up in the box and open the passing game.

but you're entitle to your opinion (even if you're wrong) and so am i!