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    Really would prefer a two year deal with this guy. Hopefully we go big money on 2 years. Id go 2/$32M to get it done.

    As far as if he is an AL or NL pitcher... everyone is an NL pitcher. It's easier to pitch there. It's a fact. But Dempster's K/9 went from 7.2 in the NL to 9.1 in the AL, and his BB/9 jumped from 2.3 in the NL to 3.3 in the AL. This tells me that he was reaching back and likely overthrowing in attempts to prove himself to his new team/fans rather than not being cut out for the AL. To me, with his declining FB velocity, he's going to have to keep his BB/9 at 2.5 or lower to be a #3 starter. Hopefully he can be a workhorse ~190 IP regardless though.
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