Apparently Tommy Tuberville was in the middle of eating dinner with a recruit whom he was trying to sell on Texas Tech when he got a phone call about the Cincinnati job. He left the table to "go use the bathroom" and never returned just left them high and dry.

Here are the top 10 college football television markets for 2012. Notice a trend?

1. Birmingham, Alabama
2. Greenville, South Carolina
3. Knoxville, Tennessee
4. New Orleans, Louisiana
5. Jacksonville, Florida
6. Columbus, Ohio
7. Atlanta, Georgia
8. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
9. Nashville, Tennessee
10. Memphis, Tennessee

The NCAA has long shown a commercial about the NCAA tournament claiming that their student-athletes graduate at the same level or higher than those in the student body. A new study has shown that is only true if you count the entire NCAA across all the divisions. So pretty much they show you numbers that are mostly padded by Division II and III while you are watching big conference teams with god awful graduation rates. If you count only the major conferences the number is significantly lower....

For the major conferences that are what we consider BCS conferences in football and make up most of the tournament invites in basketball black athletes on average graduate only 49% of the time. That is the average. The majority of major conference schools fall in the 40-50% range with some schools doing 70-80% to pull up that average.

Some interesting stats

- At major conference schools black males only account for 2-3% of the student body. Yet they make up 55-60% of the student athletes.

- Florida State, Arizona, Arkansas, South Florida and Iowa State all have graduation rates for black athletes in the 30-35% range. So pretty much only 1 out of 3 black athletes at those schools graduate.

- On the flipside Northwestern, Notre Dame, Villanova, Penn State and Vanderbilt all have graduation rates for black athletes in the 75-80% range.