The problem is coach frank, mateen said it best after last nights game. This same question was asked he said frank takes to long to call time outs when teams go on runs & makes questionable subs at the wrong time. That's why we lose those games his sub patterings are terrible. I mean everytime we put drummond on the floor we ether comeback or go on a run ,If he was a good coach he would see that. He maid some poor decisions last nite too, I won't put all the blame on frank because our guards can't keep anybody out the paint. The solution is start Drummond he would be like a security blanket if we get beat off the dribble & for moose. I know max has been playing good but he is just to small, I would like to see maggette benched just like frank did jj because maggette is actually playing worse. I wasn't expecting too much more but we are only 5 games from being 8th in the east, we've had that toughest schedule & played the most games in the nba. Remember okc they were bad for like 3yrs then just shot up to the top tier of teams real fast.
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I was expecting around 35 wins this year.

I found this interesting-


The #Pistons have more blown double-digit leads (8) than wins (7)
The #Pistons have 17 losses. 8 of them they've had double-digit leads in. You win 4 of those, you're pushing .500