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    Feb 2008

    Let's Get Some Life in Here!

    Name your personal favorite Bruins':

    Right Winger:
    Left Winger:
    Memory (other than the cup):
    This lockout can't kill the Bruins' forum!

    lol, small kid got tripped by a tuba player

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    Jan 2009
    New Hampshire
    Players that i've seen i'll do.
    Defenseman: Bourque, Chara
    Center: Bergeron, Jason Allison
    Right Winger: Anson Carter, Neely
    Left Winger: Sampsonov, Lucic
    Goalie: Dafoe
    Coach: Julien. Got us a cup!
    Memory (other than the cup): My first game, went to a game against the Sabres when they had Hasek, who is my favorite goalie of all time. I went with my Dad and my grandparents who have passed since. It was definitely an amazing memory =)
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    Dec 2009
    N. Attleboro
    Defenseman: Zdeno Chara, Andrew Ference, Adam McQuaid

    Forwards: Patrice Bergeron, Marc Savard, Adam Oates, Chris Kelly, Marco Sturm, Tyler Seguin, Sergei Samsonov, Rich Peverley (most underrated Bruin IMO)

    Goalie: Andy Moog (my childhood cat was named after him, no joke), Tim Thomas, Tuukka Rask

    Coach: Claude Julien

    Memory (other than the cup):
    1. Game 6 against Montreal, I will never forget Sturm's goal in that game. Even though they went on to lose the series; that game sparked a renaissance in the organization and set the tone for the present and future of this team. Unforgettable

    2. I write for a Boston sports website and through that I got freelance work (pro bono) with a Boston biweekly called Dirty Water News. I got to watch them practice early in the morning then went in to interview Adam McQuaid, Shawn Thornton, and Marty Turco. They were all polite including Thornton. My voice recorder died in the middle of our interview and he laughed and said it was no big deal. Got to see the presser by the coach, all the guys (Seguin, Zdeno, Pevs, Kelly, Bergeron).

    After that Alex Ovechkin walked by me while I was watching the Caps practice afterwards, he was signing some autographs for some kids from Russia

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    Feb 2011
    New England
    There isn't a player on the Bruins i dislike but here it goes for my favorites:

    Defenseman: Bourque, Chara

    Forwards: Sergei Samsonov (will always be my all time favorite), Brad Marchand, Patrice Bergeron, Phil Kessel, Shawn Thornton, Looch, Joe Thornton

    Goalie: TT and Rask

    Coach: Claude Julien

    Memory (other than the cup):

    1. The MTL game where we kicked the **** out of them....there was the big fight at the end.... to jog some memories....

    1a. Game 7 against TB, Great game all the way to the end, Horton's clutch goal was a picture perfect play, and was the first time i saw the Bruins make it to the cup.

    2. That game against Dallas where there was a shitload of fighting and the B's hammered them like 6-0 or something (i know we had two games like that) but this is the one where Savard got cheap shotted at the end and there was a big brawl.

    "Elite" is just another way to spell "Brad Marchand"

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    May 2010
    Defenseman - Ray Bourque
    Forward - Tyler Seguin, Adam Oates, Patrice Bergeron, Don Sweeney, PJ Stock
    Goalie - Tuukka Rask, Byron Dafoe

    Memory (other than the cup) - The PJ Wave, Jumbo Joe's (brief) Boston return, B's sweep Montreal in 2009, Tuukka vs. Buffalo in 2010 playoffs
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    Dec 2010
    Defenseman: Bourque
    Forwards: Glen Murray, Bergeron, Seguin, Rolston, Samsonov, Thornton, Horton, Axelsson
    Goalie: Rask

    Memory: Montreal series in 08. Even though we lost, it was a pretty damn good series and going to game 6 was a pretty ****ing awesome game. Montreal series in 2011 too obviously.


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    Feb 2008
    d.Mr Orr
    w.The kid Seguin
    c. Savy
    w.Mr. Neely
    g. Andy Moog
    coach. Grapes
    Memories good the cup victory,bad anytime we got beat out by the Habs. I think I still might be a little hungover from the Cup victory. Could just be a sinus infection

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    Feb 2010
    Lets see...based on players I actually watched.

    Defenseman: Bourque, Chara
    Forwards: Oats, Bergeron, Savard, Seguin, Neely, Lucic, Guerin, Recchi
    Goalie: Moog, Defoe, Thomas
    Coach: Milbury and Julien
    Memory (other than the cup): Always getting really excited for the games that Neely actually played after his injury.

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    Aug 2007
    It's hard to narrow it down

    Defenseman: Don Sweeney, Bourque, Chara, Glen Wesley
    Center: Bergeron, Adam Oates
    Right Winger: Steve Heinze, Glen Murray, Neely
    Left Winger: Axelsson, Samsonov
    Goalie: Moog, Lemelin
    Coach: O'Reilly
    Memory (other than the cup):

    TB Game 7

    Another was a few years back I got Loge tix as a bday present against Montreal. B's absolutely dominated and Looch beat the snot out of Komisarek

    Lol at Jack Edwards. "They've beaten them and tonight they have beaten them up"
    PSD Bruins Hall of Fame Class of 2011

    Boston Bruins 2010-11 STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS!!!

    So nasty

    Visit the Boston Bruins forum. Good times!

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    Nov 2010
    Favorite D: Hnidy, Chara
    Favorite C: Bergeron
    Favorite LW: Lucic
    Favorite RW: Neely

    Favorite memory was Marchand in the Finals against the Canucks. The clothesline, Sedin Flip, Ballard Fight = one of the best moves ever.

    "I grew up in hockey, and I appreciate the game and respect the game, and I want to play in a place where it matters." - Soupy

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    Nov 2009
    New Hampshire, USA.
    Defenseman: Bourque, Chara, Don Sweeney
    Center: Joe Thorton, Krejci, Jason Allison, Marc Savard
    Forwards: Samsanov, he was so shifty and a treat to watch
    Goalie: Tim Thomas.
    Coach: Pat Burns.
    Memory (other than the cup): When Savard scored that OT winner vs Philly in the playoffs. (Not sure but I think it was one of his first games if not the first game back.) I also liked it when Marchand did that indirect chip off the boards and scored against Luongo when the Bruins were blowing them out.

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    Feb 2008
    Defenseman: Zdeno Chara, Dennis Seidenberg, Brad Stuart
    Center: Patrice Bergeron, Marc Savard
    Right Winger: Sergei Samsonov, Brad Isbister
    Left Winger: Milan Lucic, Brad Marchand
    Goalie: Tim Thomas, Hannu Toivonen
    Coach: No idea
    Memory (other than the cup): Marc Savard game 3 OT vs Habs,

    Patrice Bergeron's goal in game 7 of the final.

    This play that was fun

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    Jan 2009
    Bill Ranford -G- Had every card of him from the Oilers and Bruins.

    Besides game 6 vs the Habs one of my fav memories (and saddest because it was my fav player) was when I read the paper with my dad one morning to see that the bruins made a huge trade.

    It was:

    Adam Oates
    Rick Tocchet
    Bill Ranford -G-


    Jason Allison
    Anson Carter
    and Jim Carey -G-(he had just had a monster season but ended up sucking after that)

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    Feb 2008
    Southern Maine
    I'll say who I watched as well.

    Defenseman: Bourque, Chara, Boynton, Sweeney, McLaren
    Center: Thornton, Bergeron, Donato, Rolston, Krejci, Savard, Allison, Marchand
    Right Winger: Murray, Carter, Guerin, Recchi, Ryder, Thornton
    Left Winger: Knuble, Sturm, Lucic,
    Goalie: Rask
    Coach: Julien, Burns
    Memory (other than the cup): I cant remember what year it was but the brawl-filled game against The Stars a few years ago.

    One time when Dafoe got into a goalie fight and did the PJ Stock wave.

    When Bourque lifted the cup... not a Bruins memory, but still kind of counts.

    Seguin's first NHL goal.

    The trade from above that brought Allison, Carter, and Carey to town. I was a big Portland Pirates fan then and had watched them a lot in the AHL.

    The Montreal/Boston rivalry in the playoffs that basically ended when McLaren broke Zednick's jaw.

    Sturm's OT winner in the Winter Classic.

    Satan's jogging-dance after a goal in the playoffs.

    Horton's goal in game 7 against Tampa.

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    Feb 2008
    Boston, MA
    Defenseman: Zdeno Chara
    Center: Joe Thorton
    Right Winger: Sergei Samsonov
    Left Winger: Milan Lucic
    Goalie: Tim Thomas
    Coach: Claude Juilian
    Memory (other than the cup): Going to Game 7 against the Canadians a few years prior to the cup. Favorite playoff series ever (even if we lost.) Ive never been so into a team before that playoff series. My dad, my brother, and I watched every single game that season, and that playoff series.
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