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Yeah it's so funny because its the exact same team as the first half of last year right now that was 7 games over .500 at the ASG, except we likely have a better rotation now. It's a given we'll address the bullpen and at least 1 OF position in significant fashion too. The team will be better than it was at the start of last year, so why is it tough to believe we'll be in a potnetial WC 2 position come the TRade Deadline, just a couple weeks after the ASG?

You're just being a cynic who decides to be overdramatic rather than realistic. The MEts are slightly below average, and with a couple good pieces, an OF being one of the them definitely, we'll be an average or above average team, or maybe even good team if we can play 2 halves of the season unlike last year, and we can definitely fight for one of the WC spots.