For those of you who who have not participated in a ReDraft, we do a fantasy draft of all the players in the league and we determine the best team later on. The rules and all that cool jazz will be up later. I have enough time now to run this thing (finals almost over).

Please note that it is not first come first serve, and also people who want to co with other people might have to take their own team if not enough people sign up.

1. Which team do you want?
2. Back-up team(s)?
3. Any teams you absolutely do not want?
4. Which forums do you post in?
5. Have you ever participated in a PSD game before?
6. Interested in being part of the trade committee?
IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS PM OR VM ME. There will be questions, especially about eligibility of players. I will not be participating as a GM in this ReDraft as I am busy with other things. I will be asking for help from various players again, however.

After some long thought, we will go with however many GMs sign up. While I would like to reach 30 teams, if it's not possible we will carry on with less teams. So please sign up again! Thanks.

And no, there is no set date to start.