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    How to get to the 3rd Seed

    How to get to the 3rd Seed

    Nets are now 2 games behind Indiana for the 3rd seed. Here’s the path to get to the 3rd seed to avoid Miami in the 2nd round, and also a path to avoid the Bulls in the 1st round.

    1) Nets must win remaining 3 games of the season. (All teams below .400 win percentage for the season, with a combined record of (88-151) [combined PCT .368]

    2) Pacers must lose 2 of their next 3 games. Nets hold tiebreaker vs Pacers.

    3) Bulls hold tiebreaker over the Hawks. Bulls being only a half game behind Atlanta, there are many combinations how Chicago and step ahead of Atlanta to gain the number 5th seed. (Ex. 1- Hawks can win both remaining games; then the Bulls would have to win all 3 of their games) (Ex. 2- Hawks win 1 of 2; Bulls win 2 of 3) (Ex. 3- Hawks lose both games; Bulls win 1 of 3).

    4) Now if you look at the upcoming schedules, which I thought was pretty ironic, Brooklyn has route for the Knicks to beat the Pacers on Sun, April 14 and to beat the Hawks on Wed, April 17.

    Nets Schedule: (50-32)…win next 3.
    1) Sun, April 14 @ Toronto
    2) Mon, April 15 vs Washington
    3) Wed, April 17 vs Detroit

    Pacers Schedule: (50-32)…lose next 3.
    1) Sun, April 14 @ Knicks
    2) Tues, April 16 @ Boston
    3) Wed, April 17 vs Philly

    Hawks Schedule: (45-37)…lose 1, win 1.
    1) Tues, April 16 vs Toronto
    2) Wed, April 17 @ Knicks

    Bulls Schedule: (45-37)…win 2, lose 1.
    1) Sun, April 14 @Miami
    2) Mon, April 15 @ Orlando
    3) Wed, April 17 vs Washington

    Potential Final Eastern Standings
    1. Miami
    2. Knicks
    3. Brooklyn
    4. Pacers
    5. Bulls
    6. Hawks
    7. Boston
    8. Milwaukee

    Playoffs-1st Round
    1. Miami vs. 8. Milwaukee (4-0 Heat)
    2. Knicks vs 7. Boston (4-1 Knicks)
    3. Brooklyn vs 6. Hawks (4-1 Brooklyn)
    4. Pacers vs 5. Bulls (4-3 Pacers)

    2nd Round
    1. Miami vs 4. Pacers (4-2 Miami)
    2. Knicks vs 3. Brooklyn (4-3 Brooklyn)

    Eastern Finals
    1. Miami vs 3. Brooklyn (4-1 Miami)

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    Yup...plausible and I can see the Pacers losing the NYK and the Celts games. I don't see them losing the last game of the season to the 76ers though. I think it will all come down to the Celts game. The one place I think yoiu might be a bit off on is I could see the Nets taking the Heat to 6 games instead of 5.

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    not trolling...came in to see if you had a DERON WILLIAMS KNEE INJURY THREAD , any news on his knee? ... but i really dont see the Nets beating the Knicks if we meet up as a 2-3 , unless Brooke plays insane


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    Hah, my Raptors aint gonna let that happen fellas!

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    Well it is what it is now guys. Fourth seed and do what they can. Go Nets!

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    I was psyched up about this too until I found out right before the Raptor loss that the tiebreaker didn't mean **** vs. the Pacers because apparently winning the division title breaks the tie. That is some ********. I don't know when the players found out, but expecting Indiana to lose all their remaining games was ridiculuous. The realistic and most optimistic scenario would be that in addition to Miami, NY which are losable games, that Boston also wins against them at home. I didn't expect Indy to lose a must win final game against the better off tanking Sixers at home.

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    Does the fact that Indiana is playing one less game now (the game against boston) help with this?

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    no doesn't matter at all. If it had affected the standings they would have made it up. No matter what Indiana automatically has one less loss than the Nets, because of not playing the Celts

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