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We wouldn't be in the situation we're in if we didn't make every move to keep our pick, trade Jackson for #30, and drafting incredibly well with Green.

Tanking worked didn't it? We kept our pick and chose the best player on the board right?
yeah- but we could have been in a similer situation with other good moves without tanking.

Im sure there were other trades out there for monta that would have made us more competitive last year.

We could have traded monta and udoh for the number 4 pick and anderson V. (The cavs had no idea he would be this good on draft night).

the actual players we got from the ellis deal arent the reason we are this good. Im not saying they ddint contribute.... but the warriors dont have a super talented roster- they just want to win games and they are playing that way. Sometimes it isnt about talent its about how bad you want it.