Kevin Love is reportedly very unhappy in Minnesota.

I know it's a pipe dream but with Mark Cuban as our owner, anything can happen. Is there any way we can get Kevin Love? Love would solve a lot of our rebounding and defensive woes and provides the same scoring as Kaman. Would be a perfect complement to Dirk as well. He could also be the face of the Mavs in the post Nowitzki era if Mayo isn't. He would also be that second star that Cuban has always wanted for Dirk (If Mayo isn't already) A trio of Mayo + Nowitzki + Love would be unstoppable and Mavs would instantly become legit contenders without question.

I'm probably dreaming here but I wonder if Wolves GM Kahn would actually make Love (LOL) available. If so, I know Cuban would definitely look into it. I'd trade anyone not named Mayo, Nowitzki, Crowder for Love.

Thoughts MFFL?