We are getting Brook Lopez back very soon and we were very good with him.

However I still believe there are some key issues even when he does return.

1) Deron Williams. I don't care so much about his "sulking", compared to his production. He can still pass like the best of them, but his shooting is driving me insane. He can't shoot threes now, and that's probably due to his injuries but he needs to realize that and utilize his mid range game and post up abilities far more often. Not to mention he's got the handles to get in the paint and wreak havoc.

2) Joe Johnson. I never want to see an ISO for Joe Johnson again. Either run him off screens to catch and shoot or post him up. It has worked for him in Atlanta but it's really not working for him here.

3) MarShon Brooks. It's not so much about what he hasn't done, but rather why in the world this kid isn't playing.

4) AVERY JOHNSON. He can't stop Deron from taking too many 3s, and he for some reason he keeps calling for ISO Joe when CLEARLY both are NOT working. He benches Swag in favor of.....STACKHOUSE. If Stackhouse were still drilling his 3s then okay MAAAAYBE I understand, but not anymore.

Swag will play well then Avery will bench him the rest of the game.

I feel Avery Johnson has NO control over this team and really needs to go.

You see how all these complaints leads to one man? THE COACH.