A knowledgeable cards fan from another board posted this about Skip

"Benjamin Neumann • 29 minutes ago −
Take it from someone who has watched skip ascend from the minors under the wing of Jimmy Edmonds and TLR to steal at-bats from more deserving people for years. Yes, Skip can hit .300 but BA is hardly a worthwhile metric. His OBP is not predicated on walks so if his BABIP dips he dips. He has 0 power and a .300 hitter with a sub .700 OPS is not something I care much about losing. He plays 0 infield defense though he is passable in the outfield.

Also his performance tends to dip inversely with his playing time. The more you plug him in the less he can do, as pitchers tend to start figuring out not to feed him any fastballs and go away with breaking stuff. K's incoming!

All in all this is a meaningless deal for the Cards at this point, but for all the people who didn't get a look cause we kept plugging this low ceiling option year after year I hope they are as glad as I am to not have to waste a roster spot on this "feel good" story any longer. Whoever the prospect is coming back glad to have you."