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They created flexibility so they could make moves now. If not Wright would not have agreed to defer salary---what would be the point? SA promised him that he would make moves to get the team competitive now not later. And if the team competes early and again past the all star game then the fannies in the seats will return and the income and payroll can rise. There is no reason that this team cannot draw 3 million fans if they put a competitive team on the field. How many of you are waiting to buy tickets until you see what moves they make? The Wilpons saw attendence drop to 2.1 million and they are sure watching the slow pace of season and advance ticket sales and know we fans will not tolerate a lackluster team if they want us to buy tickets. How much does the loss of 900,000 attendees cost? If the average ticket costs $50 and another $25 goes toward concessions the team lost $67 million in gross revenue last year vs. the season before. That $67 million can go a long way to paying off loans and getting better players. My bet is that SA will do a medium level signing or two plus some third tier guys. We shall see.
Wright is getting his money either way, who knows the exact reason why he allowed them to defer some of the salary. If they did promise that to Wright, it's very possible that they just lied to him like they did with all the fans.

Wright seems invested in the teams future, so even if they decide to not spend I'm sure he will see the light at the end of the tunnel.