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    Dec 2012

    Power Rankings: Week 14

    1) Patriots
    2) Broncos
    3) Texans
    4) 49ers
    5) Giants
    6) Packers
    7) Falcons
    8) Ravens
    9) Seahawks
    10) Bears
    11) Colts
    12) Redskins
    13) Steelers
    14) Cowboys
    15) Bengals
    16) Vikings
    17) Bucaneers
    18) Saints
    19) Rams
    20) Lions
    21) Dolphins
    22) Chargers
    23) Panthers
    24) Browns
    25) Eagles
    26) Jets
    27) Titans
    28) Bills
    29) Cardinals
    30) Raiders
    31) Jaguars
    32) Chiefs
    This is my opinion of how the teams should be ranked, if you feel differently feel free to ask me a question and I will do my best to explain my reasoning as to why I feel this is how the teams should be ranked, and tell me how you feel the teams should be ranked.

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    Sep 2012
    Don't you think that the Texans got exposed a bit on Monday night? I would rank them a few spots lower. Probably right where the Ravens stand at #8. Also, the Falcons are better than the Giants and Packers imo and I would put them at 5, and I would move the Giants down a couple of spots as they really haven't looked all that special this year. Probably right around where the Texans are.

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    Jun 2009
    Rams 9 spots higher than us even though we fumbled in the red zone and gave them the lead with under a minute left in the game?

    Leafs, Raps, Jays, and Bills fan!

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    Dec 2012
    The Texans were exposed but to a great team and still hold the best record in the AFC I can't justify dropping them out of the top 5. As for the Giants they are a much better all around team than the Falcons Falcons only have the best record because they have played some of the worst teams. Also they were exposed by the Panthers who are well below 500.

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    Dec 2012
    As for the Rams yeah that might be a bit too high and the Bills a bit too low but with Jackson out and Fitz at QB and Gailey calling the plays the Bills look awful. Their defense deserves a ton of respect and maybe out of my frustration for another close loss I docked them a bit more than I should have. Realistically the Rams should be around 21 and Bills around 23. Can't deny losing head up even though the Bills out played the whole game they still lost. Bottom line wins are king.

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    Apr 2008
    I have no problem with the Bills being so low. They keep losing, they keep falling.

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    Nov 2008
    Seattle, Wa
    How come you guys don't have a discussion going about todays game?

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    Feb 2011
    Because its going to be the same thing as every week

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