I was catching up on all the news forum posts today and I was thinking... how glad am I that I, as a Reds fan, or baseball fan in general, don't live in Kansas City.

I took a look at their forum page and it is almost baron. I was somewhat stunned as to why there wasn't at least a little bit of talking going on about minor off season moves or if they can hit .500 this year.

The Royals haven't been viable since before I was born (which was 1987) and haven't had over 2 mil in attendance since the early 90's I believe.

How does a team like that stay around that long? It's not like they have been around for more than 50 years, so there is not much history to be ingrained into the ether of Kansas City, and they haven't had a true bonafide superstar that could draw in a crowd since George Brett.

It just made me think of how happy I am to be a Redlegs fan, and I'm thankful that we have fans out there who are happily ready and willing to talk in depth about our team.

We have a great shot to go all the way this year and more than likely years to come. And the Royals will more than likely be right back at or near the bottom.

Comments are more than welcome.
Thanks fellas and Go Redlegs