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Good job Niners. Kappy with 4 td passes
My prediction wasn't far off. And what could have been, oh what could have been.
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We won. That's all that matters. Instead of critiquing our team you need to start critiquing your own teams holes because right now you're sounding like a sore loser. You guys started to click when Justin Smith had to leave the game. Justin Smith us huge for us on D because it usually takes multiple guys to stop him and it makes it a lot easier for Aldon to get to the QB. That's why we didn't get a lot of pressure once he was out down the middle. Once Brady started to get comfortable with all that time he was getting he was able to wear down our defense. You better hope you don't see the Niners in the SB because if you do it's going to be another hard fought battle. People who thought that this was going to be a blowout game for the Patriots got a reality check. In reality, the Patriots are the ones who are lucky to not have gotten blown out.