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The Patriots bring their best game when the competition is stiff, and they make their statements fast and furious. The average score of their 6 games against teams vying for the playoffs (.500 or better) at the end of 3 quarters is

Patriots 30.3 Opponents 12.7

I know it's a 4 quarter game, but it would be a moot point if the 49ers can't contain them through 3. Want their equivalent??

The average score of SF's 7 games against teams .500 or better after 3 quarters?

49ers 11.9 Opponents 11.3

Thank goodness for that Bears thumping. Without it, it would be 49ers 9.3 Opponents 12

How anyone thinks we have the combination of slowing Brady with points of our own is beyond me. It's going to be a **** show.
So what happens if you do this for 4 quarters. Sounds like a silly stat distortion to me.