A lot of money came off the books this year, and while we have filled the outfield we are still looking for a name outfielder? What's Ellsbury thinkling right now?

You know Ells thinks he is the greatest thing since sliced bread but in his quieter moments he has to take a more sober look at his stats, especially now with the way this off season has gone thus far. He has to know that he is one more bad season/injury away from losing serious value, and his safety net team is looking to kick him to the curb.

Is this not the best time to make your final best offer? Extend or be traded, (while we list some of the dreadful places we are working deals).

Four months ago it was pretty much agreed that the Sox were moving on without Ellls, it was just a matter of when. Right now I think it makes sense to pay him to stay, Agon-like money if thats what it takes.

He is a home grown talent, and that matters. He should be part of our core going forward. He & Pedroia came up for our last world Series and should be given the task of leading us to the next, (with Pedroia being captain of course). What better core to lead our new guys thru the next 5 years?

Yes we would probably have to overpay, and yes he is a "risk". That's often the cost of doing business in MLB these days. What's new right now is we can afford to "overpay" for Ells, and we can get a better deal than the highest bidder will later.