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    Quote Originally Posted by steelcityroller View Post
    Oh yeah that is hilarious. "We got a broken vcr here you could fix that in 10 minutes and you got $40 bucks right there...."

    But seriously I got an app on my phone where you can scan barcodes and see how much it sells for on eBay. I went around my house scanning everything and found an old Isshin-Ryu Karate book from when I was younger. I remember buying it at a yard sale for like a quarter. Sold it for $120.
    I have that app, I need to do that. I'm going to see how much junk of mine is worth money.

    I came home from poker night last night and turned it on while winding down in bed and they said oh a travel dvd player used that's an easy 100 bucks. In what universe is that an easy 100 bucks

    Quote Originally Posted by ahoda View Post
    My wife and I are convinced that Jared and Brandi hate bang on a nightly basis.
    I'd hate bang or fun bang brandi

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    wtf does brandy see in mr clean anyway? he must be hung like a bull to keep her!

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    Brandy and barry need there own show screw the rest of em. Barry is the man and i want to **** brandy plastic surgery or not

    First Sim League Title!

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