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Nothing at all is wrong with me...I am actually ECSTATIC to be rid of his 'potential' and Hope like hell he has an awesome year so that maybe the Reds will finally realize that maybe, just maybe...Brook Jacoby needs to go! and Stubbs and Bauer were the focal pts of the trade, with Choo coming to the Reds, the best out of the trade may actually be Didi in the long run...but the question with him is going to be his bat..
?? lol the Indians did not even need a centerfielder. It was all Bauer and can even make a case for those relievers too. Stubbs was pretty much just a throw-in cuz it seems like the Reds were tired of him.

I don't expect much from Stubbs because i think he's more of a backup outfielder then a starter. But hey, Guy is a great defender and runs like the wind. Also got some pop so i'll have no problem with him as a thorw-in thats for sure.