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You know If you look at this from a dispassionate point of view it's very indicative of Dickey's personality, I read his book(very well written, could have done without all the prayers though and I think he completely copped out on what lead to his having an affair)and it seems this is a person who likes to shoot himself in the foot, simply put he could have said "look today is about the kids and Christmas and giving back some joy to those who lost so much..." or something along those lines, instead he used it as a forum to try and gain leverage/attention, For a man who carries himself so humbly this was definitely and distinctly hubris rearing its head(that also seemed to be a factor in his past as well)

I don't agree with how he is being treated by the team but perhaps not all of the blame rests with Sandy and The Wilpons...I'm going to keep an open mind as this plays out but I'm beginning to lean toward this season being his Met "farewell" tour
Interesting perspective and i agreed with your take on the book. I found it interesting that here was a guy who had to work so hard for everything he he had and yet he was so eager to attribute his success to God. To each his own I suppose.

You're right, he could have responded to the questions that way, but I don't recall anytime when he's ever pulled punches. And as much as I like to make him out to be a deity, the fact is he's just a human being and he has every right to feel frustrated with the negotiating process, even though Sandy and friends also have every right to negotiate the way they believe best represents their interests.

Also, let's not make it sound like RA held a press conference at the Christmas party. The media stuck mics in his face, asked him questions, and he answered them.

If Sandy and friends didn't like the narrative, perhaps they should have taken a different tact in the negotiating process.

What's fair is fair.