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Dickey is a big boy. I'm sure he understands that Alderson is not being aggressive with contract negotiations in order to buy time to explore the trade market. IMO, it was poor judgement to choose the holiday party to open up and put pressure on the FO. He probably did it because he is frustrated that the process is taking this long.

He knows full well that in the final analysis the club will do what is in their own best interests, and he has no control over the situation since he is already committed to a $5 million salary for this season. If he were to give Sandy an ultimatum to extend him now or cut off negotiations until he is a FA next fall, he'd be cutting off his nose to spite his face. The risk that he'd have a mediocre season and lose bargaining power would be too great. He just needs to play a waiting game and see how things play out. If Sandy cannot get the deal he wants, R.A. will get his extension. All this talk about letting him play out the season without a deal is just talk, stupid talk.
I wish i shared your optimism. I can only hope you're right.