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Thanks 85bears, I think if they had really seen him they would understand, unless they have a horse in the race.

I believe Harrison Smith cannot win the award because he doesn't beat out Bobby Wagner(who I don't believe will win it either)

Harrison Smith: 81 Tackles 52 Solo 29 Ast 1 FR 3 INT 2 TD
Bobby Wagner: 109 Tackles 67 Solo 42 Ast 0 FR 3 INT 0 TD

You can make the case for either. I think it comes down to Kuechly, David and Jones personally but.....I think Wagner's numbers are more impressive than Smith's.

Here's some other stats for you guys.
8 of the last 9 winners have been LBs and 10 of the last 12
Only 2 safeties have ever won the award
Last DB was Charles Woodson in 1998 last safety was Mark Carrier in 1990
Exactly why I said Hayward won't win.