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Thread: The Lone Ranger

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    The Lone Ranger

    Next summer's revival western, The Lone Ranger has released a new trailer showing a much different side of the film than we got back in October with its debut trailer.

    We were previously treated to a reinvention of the classic tale featuring the voiceover manifesto of a greedy robber baron played by Tom Wilkinson who plans to use the newly-laid railroad system to control the new world. This trailer, however, is more spiritual and delves a bit into the origin of the titular masked marauder of morality played by The Social Network's Armie Hammer.

    Our hero is a man who lost everything that he cares about in the world. After cheating death, he plans to devote his second life to the cause of justice with the help of his newfound ally, Tonto, played by Johnny Depp with a wig, a lot of white facepaint, and a pseudo-Native American accent that could potentially raise the ire of some.

    Check out the trailer below to see, among other cool things, the worst hangover wake-up ever.

    Besides exploring our hero's character arc, this new trailer also seems to move away from the political, "Occupy the Wild West" theme and shows the film more as a lighthearted action popcorn flick.

    Reuniting the team from the Pirates of the Caribbean films, Johnny Depp once again gets in front of the camera for director, Gore Verbinski in what seems to be a high-paced film that shares the Pirates penchant for over-the-top CGI action mixed with tongue-in-cheek humor.

    It is rather interesting that Depp appears to be passing the proverbial leading man baton to Armie Hammer, settling as sidekick, Tonto, rather than playing the Ranger himself. However, the role does allow Depp more leeway to delve into his eccentric Jack Sparrow-esque repertoire.

    The Lone Ranger hits theaters to figure out what's wrong with his horse on July 3, 2013.

    Anyone plan on seeing this?
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