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    Quote Originally Posted by NYSpirit1 View Post
    This is stupid. Really don't want him on the Yankees.

    I hate when players betray teams they've been with for so long and it's inexcusable to go from the Red Sox to the Yankees or vice-versa.
    Why???? Its not like he choose to sign with the Yankees instead of resign with the RedSox like Damon did. Our front office brought in an idiot of a manager and sat back and watched while said manager berated Youk in the media and essentially drove him out of town. Then when it got too far out of hand instead of canning the manager causing the problem we showed Youk the door. I dont see why he should have any obligations to the RedSox and it would be stupid of him not to cash in while he still can.

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    off topic note: Ichiro resigns. Good park for him. What do they do with Granderson is another question.
    I am not a con artist! I am a businessman! I have a big brain and I'm good at making deals! People are just jealous of my BIG BRAIN! BAD!

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    He's not another Damon at all. Damon was hated by Red Sox nation, Youk honestly made a business move here, and I hope he gets well respected by the Red Sox fans. No other team was going to pay him much more than half of this contract, and I'd almost be willing to bet that because it was the Yankees, Youk got a lot more from them just to consider going there. Some may disagree, but Youk had nothing against Sox Nation and Sox Nation had nothing with Youk. The Red Sox moved him because he was bocked by two superior players, he was on the downward spiral end to his career, and he for lack of better terms LOATHED Bobby Valentine. Good for Youk, and I do wish him the best.. although as a 3B at this point he's nothing more than a 2 win player, and that's pushing it.

    lol, small kid got tripped by a tuba player

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