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Seriously guys I am trying not to overreact here. So let me get this straight. McHale went along with all of KG's whims and in the end KG walked out with a ton of complaints and a team in ruins. Kahn does not do that and first and foremost protects the team. Are we blaming Kahn for not doing McHale's mistake?
And what did Love whine about? He wants to be in the play-offs? Well here ya go fella! You have one of the best coaches in the league, a good C, a very good SF, a good with potential to be great PG, a good SG and a great depth at the bench. What else do you want? Instead of leading this team, you are either jacking up more 3s than Ricky Davis or complaining to the referees instead of playing D.
And of course the Kahn haters front creeps out with every little chance they get. Well dudes face the reality. I do not care if he missed on 2 or 3 picks in the draft. He has created in 3 years one of the most complete rosters of our history. Should I perhaps remind you what you were saying in the off season about the moves we made??? Here take a taste:
Now everybody jumps up and down about how good AK and Shved are, and how we miss Bud. What are we going to blame him for next? Rubio and Bud (2 players who never had injury problems) getting injured? The snow in Minnesota? What?
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Let's wait this out. If I recall correctly, someone posted an article the other day about Iggy being Plan B. Kahn has his flaws, but he's a drastic improvement over McHale and I would hate to go back down that road with the unknown. I do think though that he should hire me to handle the draft.