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    brett lawler and kyle drabek for j-up leave pennington at ss theres your 8 hole hitter. Now if you need to trade Hill next year, and Davidson is ready, you're hooked up as well.

    Upton is the most valuable player out there right now, and is game changer, for any team. Even my trade/return is silly. Upton in Texas would put up hamilton numbers. J-up has never had the 950 ops because of the nlwest structure (starting pitching/stadiums), and protection in the line-up.

    Its been a good offseason so far with the pick up of McCarthy, Bell, and Chavez. Can't really complain, about the moves.

    The straw to next season is Eaton if he plays his role, Lawler could be the number 2 hitter in that regard, if Eaton becomes a dynamic lead off hitter.

    Hill then becomes the number 3, in this scenario, not conventional 3, but Hill without Upton becomes the biggest piece of this puzzle.

    Holding on to the young pitching (Skaggs/Bauer)is also important because IpK and Hudson maybe the most important trade chips, if things come unraveled next year, so keep those guys off the table if Upton is traded.

    Now, I target Lawler and Drabek offer up bauer and Corbin for them or just Lawler. Bauer is all that, eccentricities and all, if Upton is kept. Upton is an mvp, and his contract is pennies on the dollar, where's Cashmen?
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