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    parra and outfield

    Parra is going to be a big contributor this year. His best comparison is he's a lh freddie sanchez with more pop. His lack of leverage/size/speed, means he won't ever be the protoypical power hitting outfielder/or speedy cf lead-off guy. Now that said, he plays the game hard, sometimes too hard his run in with the dodgers a couple years ago may of went over the line, but maturity takes care of that. Great arm, and not many prototypical of'ers are better defensively in the corners. The Ross and 130/140 games Kubel will give us means he'll definitely be splitting time with Ross, and filling in for the dinged up Kubel. I expect him to win the position over Ross by June although the platoon split advantage for the team will benefit everyone. So 90-110 games for parra this year, and from June on may be a top batting average hitter in baseball. 330 plus wouldn't surprise me.Great two hole hitter, good leaders on the team means he'll play situational from that spot.
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