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    Drafting History Since 2006

    I think I've reiterated on this topic way too much but I think I'll make a thread just to see what you guys think.

    Round 1 (2nd overall): Reggie Bush, RB, USC
    Round 2 (43rd overall): Roman Harper, S, Alabama
    Round 3 (No pick)
    Round 4 (108th overall): Jahri Evans, OG, Bloomsberg
    Round 5 (135rd overall): Rob Ninkovich, DE, Purdue
    Round 6 (171st overall): Mike Hass, WR, Oregon State
    Round 6 (174th overall): Josh Lay, CB, Pittsburgh
    Round 7 (210th overall): Zach Strief, OT, Northwestern
    Round 7 (252nd overall): Marques Colston, WR, Hofstra

    By far our best draft, hitting on 5 out of 8 picks is impressive. This was a huge part of the SB core, Bush was solid, Harper/Evans/Colston/Strief are all starter. Ninkovich has been a starter for the Pats and I've literally never heard of the 2 other guys. Moving on to 2007...

    Round 1 (27th overall): Robert Meachem, WR, Tennessee
    Round 2 (No pick)
    Round 3 (66th overall): Usama Young, CB, Kent State
    Round 3 (88th overall): Andy Alleman, OG, Akron
    Round 4 (107th overall): Antonio Pittman, RB, Ohio State
    Round 4 (125th overall): Jermon Bushrod, OT, Towson
    Round 5 (145th overall): David Jones, CB, Wingate
    Round 6 (No pick)
    Round 7 (220th overall): Marvin Mitchell, ILB, Tennessee

    Pretty disappointing draft, Meachem never lived up to the hype (go see what he's doing in San Diego). The best guy out of that draft is probably Bushrod, which is saying alot lol. We literally did not hit on any of these guys, Marvin Mitchell was solid for a little, same with Usama Young but once Bushrod leaves in free agency this summer, we'll have no guys on our roster from that draft (I think that says enough about the quality).

    Round 1 (7th overall): Sedrick Ellis, DT, USC
    Round 2 (40th overall): Tracy Porter, CB, Indiana
    Round 3 (No pick)
    Round 4 (No pick)
    Round 5 (144th overall): DeMario Pressley, DT, UNC
    Round 5 (164th overall): Carl Nicks, OG, Nebraska
    Round 6 (178th overall): Taylor Mehlaff, K, Wisconsin
    Round 7 (237th overall): Adrian Arrington, WR, Michigan

    Well... I mean, it was a decent draft. Obviously Carl Nicks, TP and Big Sed are the names that stand out, unfortunately after this year's off-season, none of those guys will be with us anymore. Kind of similar to the '07 draft. Arrington never shined, we all had high hopes/praises for the guy but he never really showed us the promise.

    Round 1 (14th overall): Malcolm Jenkins, CB, Ohio State
    Round 2 (No pick)
    Round 3 (No pick)
    Round 4 (116th overall): Chip Vaughn, S, Wake Forest
    Round 4 (118th overall): Stanley Arnoux, OLB, Wake Forest
    Round 5 (164th overall): Thomas Morstead, P, Southern Methodist
    Round 6 (No pick)
    Round 7 (No pick)

    Horrendous. I don't have much more to say about this draft. We did get arguably the best punter in the league that year, but wow, those Wake Forest guys never lived up to their draft stock. What a gaff by the scout team

    Round 1 (32nd overall): Patrick Robinson, CB, Florida State
    Round 2 (64th overall): Charles Brown, OT, USC
    Round 3 (95th overall): Jimmy Graham, TE, University of Miami
    Round 4 (123rd overall): Al Woods, DT, LSU
    Round 5 (158th overall): Matt Tennant, C, Boston College
    Round 6 (No pick)
    Round 7 (239th overall): Sean Canfield, QB, Oregon State

    This is by far the best draft since 2006. The 3 first picks are solid guys, I think Charles Brown will be our starting RT next year, P-Rob has stepped it up and Jimmy is the best TE in the league (in my eyes). The 3 last picks were garbage, I thought Tennant would be solid, disappointed in him. I give the scouts a + for this draft. 3/6 is solid

    Round 1 (24th overall): Cameron Jordan, DE, University of California
    Round 1 (28th overall): Mark Ingram, RB, University of Alabama
    Round 3 (72nd overall): Martez Wilson, LB, Illinois
    Round 3 (88th overall): Johnny Patrick, CB, Louisville
    Round 4 (No pick)
    Round 5 (No pick)
    Round 6 (No pick)
    Round 7 (226th overall): Greg Romeus, DE, Pittsburgh
    Round 7 (243rd overall): Nate Bussey, LB, Illinois

    This is the first time I notice this, but we tend to draft guys out of the same school lol. Vaughn/Arnoux out of Wake Forest, Wilson/Bussey out of Illinois, Meachem/Mitchell out of Tennessee. I don't know if it's a coincidence but weird. Anyways, decent draft, Johnny Patrick's been disappointing, I like the way they've been utilizing Martez and Ingram isn't getting enough snaps. Verdict is still out but now I'll give the scouts a +. 4/6 guys still on the roster, good

    Round 1 (No pick - Traded for Mark Ingram)
    Round 2 (Taken away from Mister Goodell)
    Round 3 (89th overall): Akiem Hicks, DT, University of Saskatchewan (SHOUTOUT TO MY CANADIANS!!!)
    Round 4 (122nd overall): Nick Toon, WR, Wisconsin
    Round 5 (162nd overall): Corey White, CB, Samford
    Round 6 (179th overall): Andrew Tiller, OG, Syracuse
    Round 7 (234th overall): Marcel Jones, OT, Nebraska

    None of these guys played too many snaps, I don't really like Corey White, I think PFF had a stat where he was getting burned the most out of all nickels in the NFL. I always see him blitzing, so I don't think he's good in coverage. Big hype about Nick Toon in camp but he was hurt, can't really assess him. Akiem Hicks is a bright star, I think he's got a future ahead of him. Verdict is still out.

    2006: 4/8 (Harper, Evans, Strief, Colston)
    2007: 1/7 (Bushrod gone this summer?)
    2008: 1/6 (Ellis gone this summer?)
    2009: 2/4 (Jenkins, Morstead)
    2010: 3/6 (Robinson, Brown, Jimmy)
    2011: 5/6 (Jordan, Ingram, Wilson, Patrick, Romeus on IR)
    2012: 5/5 (Hicks, White, Tiller/Jones/Toon on IR)

    21/42 of the draft picks are still on the roster. I think Bushrod/Ellis are both gone this summer, that number goes down to 19. I thought Greg Romeus got a settlement and was released but on the Saints website, he's listed as on IR.

    That's not necessarily good, imo. We got some good UFA signings (Brees, Lofton, Bunkley, Jabari, Sharper) who definitely helped along the way, some trades (Vilma, Shockey), some UDFAs (Moore, Ivory, Pierre Thomas) who also helped. I think management has been really good at finding the late round guys, but we need a new crop of young guys this year, no more ********, scouts better be working and hopefully Loomis/Payton were doing their homework while they were sitting on their ***** suspended!

    Let me know what you guys think.
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    love all that good Saints info and I agree with everything you are saying on the good players and the bad players the proofs there. Some of the guys shouldve been better players but that doesnt count all that does is getting it right. And when you have players coming in who are suppose to be good but dont pan out maybe you can blame the Coaches for not coaching well enough and or the Veterans on the team for not looking out.

    Is our scouting bad or are we just unlucky, not coaching well enough, or just need better player leaders?

    Somewhere in this answer we can definitely become a better team if fixed. Again though the prospect of cleaning house and starting over is definitely sexy to me. Im about ready to see some new young talent develop even if it means losing but then theres Brees and whats the point of rebuilding around a QB at this point in his career its time win within the next couple years Id think.

    So maybe in two seasons we clean house but for now we trim some fat and add some youth for players like

    Smith Ellis Harper Sproles Henderson Shanle Herring these players stand out in my mind as no longer needed

    Greer Bushrod Jenkins De la puente Strief Vilma are players Id evaluate at camp etc I think these guys are worth working with Vilma moreso for iq and leadership but Id have them all competing for their jobs.

    I think Quduus has played well enough to push for starting role. Only if Junior G could stay healthy I think he and Cam make a good pass rush.

    One thing on KR PR Cadet shows me nothing to look forward too Sproles doesnt either anymore Im over his return game. Which leads me to Morgan I think he can be our return specialist deep threat guy and our speed guy like what sproles doesin the red zone or hit him on some Wr screens things like that.

    I am a little concerned with our TE depth and QB depth going forward we gotta get Jimmy Gs pockets fattened too.

    I would say we need more speed at OLB but we have Casillas and again Martez is there use these guys!

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    I loved Nate Bussey, its too bad we couldn't get him back on the practice squad. Not sure why but he was always a favorite of mine. Hard worker, knew the game.
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    Good post.

    There's way too many whiffs on the draft board! The Saints' level of talent is slowly dwindling and it needs a blockbuster draft to get back on pace.

    Ellis and Smith are gone next year unless they have their salaries drastically reduced.

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    Honestly guys, every NFL teams have whiffs and they're past draft board would resemble the Saints percentile on whiff picks! This is typical, remember the ave. NFL career is 3-4yrs. I see nothing out of the ordinary with our picks!

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