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    Quote Originally Posted by Daaaarryyl View Post
    I guess... I don't know if we realize the depths we've reached here with this club. I'm a fan since '83, have seen the good, bad and ugly but I don't remember them looking at the scrap leftovers to fill out important positions like catcher, left field, center field, right field as well as as many as 5 relief pitchers possibly.

    I mean the OF joked about in Met lore of Agbayani, Payton, Bell, Hamilton and Timo would have us all practically salivating right about now.

    Joe McIlvaine built the core of those 1998 - 2001 teams up, but Fred replaced him with Steve Phillips before he was done because McIlvaine chafed at Fred's constant interference.

    Imagine how good those teams would have been if Fred either butted out or put them over the top by spending for a real outfield?
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