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Its not saying he is a horrid QB either....Most know my take on the Subject and a Mod putting me on the spot by saying they knew I would be here after a loss is also a crock of **** considering I have never talked in thread before after their losses.... I show up once and get put on the spot and felt the need to explain my overall thoughts to everyone before I get targeted by about 20 Giants fans. Lets look at that but forget that I also said the coach should go or the fact that the Giants and Eli will bounce back...Hell I have stated that same sentiment in the general forum many times so its not just a line either.

Then On top of that I get told here is my chance to back off????? No to hell with that.
This is my first season in the forum, so I really don't know the history of you and your posts. Don't really care to be involved in this childish stuff.

Just pointing out that you really didn't have to use the word "ELIte" in the context you used it in. Knowing that it obviously get's under peoples skins.

I don't really care who post's what, it's a forum. Everyone's entitled too opinions. Although I do find winey fans who constantly complain to be annoying, but I generally just put those types on the good old ignore list.

But when you post stuff that come's off as seeming to be bait, weather or not it was your intention.. what do you honestly thinks going to happen? Your going to rub people the wrong way.