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I don't see how it's all that much better than OPS. Also, the stat doesn't consider steals, so it really doesn't work well when you compare a speed guy against a power guy. Nor does it measure sacrifice bunts, or first to third on singles, defense, or really any of the things that Ichiro does better than Swisher.

This is why it's a terrible stat when used in this context. If anything, this goes to prove my point that these two are closer than people think talent wise. Take the wOBA, which includes all of the things Swisher does better than Ichiro, and Swisher is +.40. Add the that the fact that Ichiro is a better defender, a better base stealer, better going first to third on singles and first to home on doubles, a better bunter, better at making contact, striking out less and yet not grounding into many double plays, thus making more productive outs. Add all of those things together, and they come pretty damn close to making up for +.40 wOBA points. Thus, my original point, which was that the Yankees saved $9 million while not sacrificing much at all in the way of talent and production remains completely intact, and one wOBA statistic is not going to be good enough to oppose that.
I don't think you understand wOBA.

Here, read up: http://www.fangraphs.com/library/ind.../offense/woba/

There are more links once you click on that link. It shows why its better than OPS and that the current formula does include SB/CS numbers.

Also sac bunts are one of the least efficient and effective plays in baseball. That's another debate though.