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    Quote Originally Posted by djall10 View Post
    I like Ichiro, but we have a player like him already in Gardner. I would prefer to have a player like Swisher in RF with Ichiro/Gardner platooning. It's a corner outfield position that needs some power...
    why can't have we have 2 speedy contact guys? Isn't that better than 1?

    We've become obsessed with power... who cares if people say a corner OF should have power?

    Yankees have led the league in HR's every year it seems or been near the top, yet teams like SF who hit 103 hr's last year won it all. We hit 245! We can afford to lose 50-60hr's if we replace that with good, solid fundamental hitters. take away even 75 hr's and we'd still be among the top power teams... that's how many HR's we hit.. yet it gets us nowhere. Is going from say 25 hr's in Swish to 5-10 in Ichiro really going to hurt our lineup when Ichy does so many other things well?

    STL was in the middle of the pack in 2011 in HR's, we led baseball again that year.

    we NEVER led the league in HR's when we had the 90's dynasty... when will people realize HR's don't win titles? Where did Curtis and his 44hr's go come postseason?
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