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    Quote Originally Posted by Rylinkus View Post
    If Ichiro is a great gap hitter, why doesn't he hit doubles and triples?
    I was wrong on the Doubles.

    Ichiro had 22 in 2011 and Gardner had 19. But then again, it's a lot easier to hit doubles in safeco field then it is in yankees stadium. I imagine Brett Gardner would see a huge raise in those numbers.

    But with Triples, Gardner had 8 and Ichiro had 3.

    So I can't understand, if Gardner has basically the same number of doubles ,3 times as many triples, how does he do that if he doesn't get the ball out of the infield as this guy claims?

    And again..just making sure it gets across..Ichiro did that in Safeco field and Gardner did that in Yankees Stadium.
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