Hey all, so after a nice win on Sunday which wasn't pretty but got the job done, and Cin and Pitts both losing, I was excited to see our playoff hopes really are not that far fetched. Since Pitt and Cin play each other once, really one of those teams needs to lose 1 game more, coupled with us winning out and we are in.

I was watching ESPN however, and nobody could stop talking about how the jets are the joke of the league. Maybe so (especially this season), but i guess my question is, why doesn't the media cut the jets more slack?

If you look at our season, should we finish 9-7, it easy to suggest we -could- have gone 11-5. We lost an overtime game to the Pats and a game to Houston which was in our hands to win. These are two teams that are considered to be the best in the league. Granted, we didn't win those games, but they were there for the taking. All this without our best offensive and our best defensive player!

I think if you look at media coverage of any other team, lets take Detroit as an example, were they minus Suh and Calvin Johnson for the season everyone would write it off as "injury plagued" and still profess them to be a good organization, heading in the right direction. Detroit, by the way, still gets more accolades with those players at 4-9.

Clearly, the jets have a QB problem. Realistically that is the only thing that separates them from the teams that are considered elite. So why is it such a joke to everyone around the league that the jets have a shot at the playoffs? If anything, shouldn't it be impressive that they have managed to play well enough to contend without Revis, Holmes and a shaky QB situation?

Why so much hate? There are plenty of teams which are worse, who don't have injury excuses, or qb excuses that don't get any of the flak we have to hear daily. I'm not saying the jets haven't made mistakes, or that they did it right this year in the off season, but shouldn't someone be giving them some credit where it is due? I guess it will have to be me.